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Move from conflict to connection with...
Counseling to support you in integrating the past.
Communication skills to be more effective in the present.
Coaching to support you in creating the future you desire. 
Spiritual Counseling

As an interfaith counselor, I will hold the space for you to sort out your past experiences and encourage you to create a spiritual practice that will support you in your own healing and wellness. My approach is influenced by the spiritual psychology of Buddhism, which can be applied to any faith tradition. It is about cultivating mindfulness and self care in a way that feeds your soul.

Even if you learn all of the best parenting techniques and communication skills, if you are emotionally, spiritually and physically depleted, you won't have the energy to apply them. 

If you want to heal your family, it all begins with taking care of you. 

 2005-MAAT- Marylhurst University

 1999-BS Psychology Portland State University

Compassionate Communication
Compassionate Communication

In 2007, I was introduced to Non-Violent Communication. It is also known as Compassionate Communication. I trained for a few years with in Portland, took courses in mediating with children, and completed a year long training through Bay Area NVC. Though I would not describe myself as a purist in the style of Non-Violent Communication, I find the formula extremely valuable for communicating empathetically.

I integrate the basic concepts from Non-Violent Communication with the concepts taught by Daniel Goleman and his research on Emotional and Social Intelligence.

Life Coaching
Whole Person Life Coaching

My year long training as a Whole Person Life Coach,   was an important shift as I realized that with counseling alone, people can get stuck in their story and let limiting beliefs continue to limit them from moving forward into a life that they truly long for. Life Coaching support individuals in becoming the authors of their own lives. When you have processed your pain and are ready to take future steps to move forward, coaching  will challenge your limiting beliefs and help keep you accountable.

2007 - Whole Person Life Coach Certification.


Though I don't ascribe to one parenting style as the magical formula for all families, I do draw from various programs that emphasize the importance of self-regulation, empathy and connection. I have learned many tools and strategies over the years. Some work great for some families, while for others, not so much. Some strategies that work well for some children don't work for others. I recommend parents experiment with different strategies until they find what works for them. I also support parents in understanding what expectations are developmentally appropriate. Knowing that what you are experiencing is normal can reduce a great deal of anxiety for both you and your child. 


I certified as a Parent Educator in the following programs..


 International Network for Children and Families.

Hand in Hand Parenting -

I also draw from the teachings of  Dr. Laura Markam's  Ah-Ha Parenting and Dan Seigal's Whole Brain Child 

Divorce Parenting
Co-Parrenting vs. Parallel Parenting
and High Conflict Diversion

Research has revealed that  is not the divorce itself that puts children at risk for emotional issues, it is the amount of conflict that children experience both during the marriage and after the divorce that puts them at risk. It is important to make peace with your ex-spouse if at all possible. 

It is best for the children when divorced parents agree to co-parent and work together amicably. Co-parenting involves open communication between parents about  all of the child's needs. Decisions about medical needs, school and extra curricular activities are shared or made jointly. 


In some cases, when there has been a history of high conflict behavior, it is best to disengage from the conflict and adopt the parallel parenting model. In this model, parents are to have little to no contact and parent with strict adherence to a legal plan. Online calendars like, My Family Wizard, are helpful to keep both parents informed of the child's needs while limiting contact with the other parent. 


 In 2009 I completed a one year certification to teach California's High Conflict Diversion Program.

Personal Growth
The Enneagram and Personal Growth

The Enneagram is a tool used to understand personality styles while facilitating personal growth through self-awareness. I was first introduced to it in 2000, at Marylhurst University, while earning my master's degree.


Since that time, I have taken many continuing education trainings in the Enneagram.

 In 2016, I completed a year long training for healers and mental health providers. 

If you want to understand yourself and your family, while taking your personal growth to another level, this tool is for you. 

Foe more information and classes specific to the Enneagram I recommend

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