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Jennifer Poole MA.,CPC

 I was adopted into a Catholic family, through a closed adoption in 1970. My experience growing up and trying to develop an identity in a family very different from me, led to a profound interest in human development and nature vs. nurture. 


After earning an associates degree in sociology and a bachelors degree in psychology, I went on to earn master's degree in Applied Theology, from Marylhurst University. This Interfaith Pastoral Counseling program explored the aspects of healthy vs unhealthy belief systems and their effect on emotional well being. Along with family systems theory, the program also emphasized the need for self-care, through spiritual practice.

This master's program also became a personal journey that led to me searching for and reuniting with my birthparents. In 2005, I wrote my thesis and practicum on Openness in Adoption as an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth. (Since then, I have spoken on a number of panels, and taught classes on Adoption Readiness and Conscious Parenting in Adoption.) 

   A divorce in 2007 left me single parenting two very young children. I was able to take some time to soul search and continue my education in parenting, communication skills, and conflict resolution. My intention to heal myself and protect my children from the risk factors associated with divorce motivated me to acquire more skills related to that field. The things I learned were transformative.


In 2014, I married again and became the step mother to two more great kids. Every family has it's own culture and blending those cultures is not always easy. The skills that I have learned have been most valuable. I was also a step parent in my first marriage and all I can say is that I wish I new the things about parenting that I know now. I truly understand the challenges, complexities and joys of being in a non-traditional family. 


My certifications and trainings in life coaching, compassionate communication, attachment, trauma informed practices, conflict resolution, parenting, mindfulness, yoga and the enneagram, have given me a wealth of tools to choose from to cater to whatever your individual needs are.


 Life gives us multiple chances to learn, forgive, grow and have the deep meaningful relationships that make life worth living. I have walked this journey. I can share the insights that have transformed my life and supported others.


So, if all of the current parenting advice seems too unrealistic for today's family challenges, I am the parenting educator for you.

Learn how to move from conflict to connection.

My Approach

My Approach

Teaching Self-Compassion, Empathy and Practical Tools that Foster Family Harmony

The core of my approach is influenced by my education in pastoral counseling, compassionate communication and a variety of parenting trainings.


 One thing that is universally true in all of my trainings is this... Our ability to show up for others must first be grounded in our own ability to love and care for ourselves. Self-love, self-compassion and self-care are essential for human happiness. 

 Another theme that has become clear, is that tips and strategies to gain compliance, do not work for every family and every situation. Strategies that work for one child, won't work for another. What worked on your child at a young age, will likely change as your child goes through the hormonal changes of puberty. This is when conflict can really escalate. What does consistently work is empathy. The ability to focus on connection before correction reduces so much conflict. Not only will your child become more emotionally intelligent and resilient from this shift in focus, you will experience less conflict.

You will feel more love in your life and find more joy in your family experiences.

Are you ready to experience more connection with yourself and others so you can feel more love in your life? 

Take the first step and contact me. 

 I offer a free initial 20 minute consultation. 

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